Pamela Beer

Alki Arts - Pamela Beer.jpg

“My art reflects the world around me using images and shapes that resonate. I will often use complex textural background in images involving paint for a textural component. My goal is to continually evolve as an artist and provide the viewer with something special.”

Pam‘s paintings on birch panel are the result of mark making and strategic placement of color between marks that result in an abstraction of her subject. Her mark-making is experimental and achieved using a variety of textures, layers, glazes, and opaque paint.

Pam is a fun teacher, embracing the uniqueness that each student brings to class. Her process and style of working with students enable them to create a personalized “Abstract Dialog.” This results in a more advanced level of personal creativity founded in the confidence to discern good design. 

She holds workshops throughout the year and will work one-on-one with artists to teach them “Abstract Dialog.” Her works sells locally and nationally.


Available Pieces