Leon Lowman

Leon Lowman.jpg

“I was first introduced to painting with Acrylics as a teenager, by my high school art teacher. At first I painted Caribbean land and seascapes while growing up in Puerto Rico. I then slowly began experimenting in abstracts and collage. My focus is to create vibrant abstract compositions that reflect my past surroundings in the Caribbean - the contrast the strong sunlight creates, the open spaces, the freedom of the ocean breeze, and the joyous and spirited lifestyle that flows freely on the island. The challenge of creating an abstract composition that makes sense to the artist’s eye brings excitement to the process of painting. Painting allows me the freedom to borrow from my past, experiment in a meaningful context, and paint in a way that reflects the way I feel about the world today.”

Leon Lowman received his B.A. in Art Education from Inter American University of Puerto Rico, and his M.A. in Painting from University of Northern Iowa. His work is been exhibited extensively in the Pacific Northwest. He has been featured nationally at places such as, San Diego Art Institute, Florida State University Gallery, and the Iowa State Exhibition, among many others. He was featured in the American Painters in Paris Exhibition.

Available Pieces