Karen Dedrickson

Karen Dedrickson.jpg

These birds and I have a unique relationship. They are revealing the complex qualities of being human with the most basic of art materials.

This initial inspiration came from the ancient art of Chinese calligraphic painting.

One stands before a table, knees are relaxed; the painting begins from the center of the body down to the wrist. The whole arm moves with intention. Eyes are softly focused on the paper.

I may paint or draw one bird many times before I see the perfect one. But it's best when I am not thinking, it creates itself- landing finished on the surface. Their simplicity is their power. These birds are a sublime statement of skill and accident in one moment.

They are calligraphic comment on our complicated lives; a combination of an ounce of black ink, maybe a smudge of pastel on paper made from a crushed plant.

Available Pieces