Jimmy Gersen

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Jimmy Gersen is an artist, a performance artist to be more specific.

"Ever since I was little I would always draw", said Gersen, " but I didn't really start to paint until 1992 to 1993 after I graduated from the University of Washington School of Art."

Gersen's biggest influence is Picasso.  "Everything he does, Shapes, colors forms, it is all free, it is free expression."  Picasso on a large scale: "For me, I think small scale is too confining, whereas large scale lets me do whatever I want."

Gersen's approach to painting doesn't involve a high degree of planning. He listens to music and lets the mood that develops direct his effort.  "I'm not really thinking. I'm just thinking about what's gonna work next. Where it's going to go from there. Color, what's going to go with what color. Darks, shapes, lights..."

He uses a lot of bold colors and paints with a kind of directed emotional response. He's a performance artist who paints with his heart.

Available Pieces