Jeremy Bell

Jeremy creates archetypal portraits that merge and meld with their abstract backgrounds.

By layering paint, charcoal, wax and many other materials Jeremy creates depth and atmosphere which captures the essence that makes us human. The portraits are contemplative yet stern. Their pains, fears, joys, ambitions and attitudes are all skillfully captured by this phenomenal artist.

Jeremy says “Thinking in terms of the macro and micro as intrinsically intertwined within a purpose driven existence I use the universe and its vastness as a source of macro inspiration. In stark contrast I complement the macro with the micro; a finely tuned representation of an implicated king or queen.” 

Jeremy describes his work as “alluding to more then what is on the visible surface.” This idea reveals itself through his use of the eyes, or lack therein, with his subjects. “The micro eyes are the window to the macro soul; that universal something that lies beyond the surface and connects us all”

Available Pieces